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Earn 1% to 5% interest on your savings.

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Our Product

Self-driving wallet for the global citizen. We unlock financial benefits needed for our time to help people recover from the financial setbacks caused by the pandemic. Our proprietary risk model maximizes the likelihood of sustainable high returns for our users.



Earn up to 80x interest on your savings compared to traditional and digital banks.

Financial Goal


Hit your financial goals while tracking progress.


Lovable Features

Recover sooner from the financial setbacks caused by the pandemic.

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Our Mission

We will help you achieve your financial goals despite the new economic environment we are in. We bring you Qinta, the wallet for our time. Qinta will provide you access to higher returns compared to what traditional financial institutions offer. And this is just the start. With innovative financial solutions, we will empower people challenged by out of reach, costly and complex financial products. 

Meet The Team

Pitch Deck.007.jpeg

Vin Noche

CEO, Experienced Finance Professional & Trained CPA


Cambridge University, Master of Finance

Pitch Deck.009.jpeg

Ivy Andreenkova

CTO, Experienced Product Manager & Software Engineer

Grab (Unicorn)

BYU Marriott School of Business, MBA

Pitch Deck.007.jpeg

Damien Allonsius, Phd

Machine Learning Expert (Consultant)


Cambridge University, Master of Mathematics

Université Paris - Saclay,

Phd Mathematics

Pitch Deck.008.jpeg

Gilmore Wellio, Phd

Experimentation Expert (Consultant)


Cambridge University, Natural Sciences

University of Birmingham,

Phd Chemical Engineering

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